Welcome to the Ray County Library!

We serve all citizens of Ray County and are located in the county seat of Ray County in Richmond, Missouri.

Our Vision:

The Ray County Library is less about what we have for people and more about what we do for and with people.
Our Mission:

The Ray County Library’s mission and purpose is to inform, inspire and enrich the community.
Library History:

The Ray County Library
was established in 1946
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Board Members

  • Dona Phillips - Board President         2003 - current
  • Janet Aldrich - Vice President           2005-Current
  • Virginia Hollon - Secretary/Treasurer​ 2004-Current
  • Suanne Littleton                                                 2013-Current
  • Jon Kroupa                                                                  2009-Current

Pictured from left to right (Virginia Hollon, Dona Phillips,
Jon Kroupa, Suanne Littleton, and Janet Aldrich)

Meet the Team

On-Call Staff: Gilbert, Ryan, and James

Library Cleaning Services:
All library staff assist in keeping the library organized and clean. Professional deep cleaning services are provided twice a week by  the company Welcome Home Cleaning Services from Camden, MO.
  1. Managing Director
    Gilbert Maintence
  2. Managing Director
    Ryan IT
  3. Managing Director
    James Bookkeeper
  4. Managing Director
    Katherine Adult Outreach & Programming Librarian
  5. Managing Director
    Samara Technical Services Librarian
  6. Managing Director
    Linda Library Associate
  7. Managing Director
    Shelly Children’s Librarian
  8. Managing Director
    Stacy Director
  9. Managing Director
    Alisa with Welcome Home Cleaning Services
  10. Managing Director
    Kathy Library Associate
  11. Managing Director
    Rebecca Library Associate
Policies and Procedures
​​Want to work at our library?
You may fill out the application below and mail or bring it to the library. If we do not currently have any positions available, we will keep your application on file and notify you when we do have an opening.

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