New Books

We have two shelves at the library to display new books. One is for fiction and one is for non-fiction. Please remember to check these shelves regularly for new material as they update weekly.

Display books: The library has books on display in the adult and childrens section. Check one out today!

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
  6. Managing Director
  7. Managing Director
If you are looking to donate materials, we ask that:  all books are in good or like new condition; all DVD's are not scratched and in a plastic case and for any other donations, please ask. For any donations larger than one box please contact the Technical Services Librarian and ask before bringing into the library. Below are some examples of good and bad donations.

*All donations become property of the library. Any donated item added to the collection will become an integral part of the collection and the policy of use will follow regular library practices. Items not added to the collection may be sold, donated to other libraries or agencies, or recycled. For questions, contact the library.*
  1. Good Condition
    Good Condition
    Here is an example of a good book donation.
  2. Gently Used
    Gently Used
    Here is an example of a gently used donation.
  3. Falling apart
    Falling apart
    Here is an example of materials we don't take.
  4. Yellowed Book
    Yellowed Book
    Here is an example of materials we don't take.
  1. Good DVD
    Good DVD
    Here is an example of a good DVD donation.
  2. Scratched
    Please make sure any DVDs are not scratched.
  3. DVD Cases
    DVD Cases
    We would like all DVD cases to be like the one on the right.
  4. DVD Cases
    DVD Cases
    Example of smaller DVD cases is on the left.
Some examples of items we don't take at the library are:
  • CD's
  • VHS Tapes
  • Cassete tapes
  • Children's books that make sound
  • Children's books with flaps or pulls

Free Shelf

Don't forget to check our free shelf at the library. Located in the front entry of the building.

For Sale Books

  1. Thriller
    Buy a 'thriller' today! $1.00 paperbacks $2.00 hardbacks
  2. This is Just the Begining
    This is Just the Begining
    Buy the first book of a series today! $1.00 paperbacks $2.00 hardbacks
  3. James Patterson
    James Patterson
    Buy a book by James Patterson today! $1.00 paperbacks $2.00 hardbacks
  4. Gobble up a Good Book
    Gobble up a Good Book
    Buy a good book for your Holiday season today! $1.00 paperbacks $2.00 hardbacks
  5. Get a Clue. Read a Mystery
    Get a Clue. Read a Mystery
    Buy a mystery book today! $1.00 paperbacks $2.00 hardbacks
  6. Series
    Buy a set of books today, these are series already grouped together! $1.00 paperbacks $2.00 hardbacks
  7. For Sale Books
    For Sale Books
    This section of for sale books is just an assortment that we have at the library. $1.00 paperbacks $2.00 hardbacks.
  8. Blue Books
    Blue Books
    I don't remember the title but the cover was blue. $1.00 paperbacks $2.00 hardbacks
  9. The Gift of Reading Last Forever
    The Gift of Reading Last Forever
    Buy a book today as a gift to you or for someone else! $1.00 paperbacks $2.00 hardbacks.
  10. Green Books
    Green Books
    It's not easy being green! $1.00 paperbacks $2.00 hardbacks
  11. Adventure
    Seek adventure in a book today! $1.00 paperbacks $2.00 hardbacks
  12. Branch Out
    Branch Out
    Branch out and try a new genre this year! $1.00 paperbacks $2.00 hardbacks

Repurpose materials into something new. ​​

Here are some example book projects everyone can do!

  1. Decorative Bowl
    Decorative Bowl
  2. Book Folding
    Book Folding
  3. Picture Frame
    Picture Frame
  4. Picture Frame
    Picture Frame
  5. Book Page Canvas
    Book Page Canvas
  6. Book Folding
    Book Folding
  7. Book Folding
    Book Folding
  10. Poster